The web solution for short circuit sales

When farmers sells directly to consumers



Our e-shop management tool supports any type of sales

  • Fruits
  • vegetables
  • meat & Cheese (cold chain & billed per gram)
  • Any other product 

In just a few clics, consumers chooses, orders, the products selected by the farmers



The whole solution comes with complete tools for logistics, administration ans sales.



RegioMag offers a complete sale’s solution.

Customer can wheather chose to shop by boxes (vegetable, fruits, cheese or meat) 

 or as normal by chosing all its elements by himself


Customer can define the vegetables he does not want, the system will replace them by others

Our system support replacement on administration, logistics and budget perpectives 


  • Short circuit system are based on pre-sales.
  • Our system integrates completely that feature allowing you to buy only sold product. 
  • Orders are taken in advance and customer shall respect a deadline for its order


Customer can :

  • add its holiday
  • change its box’s type
  • Subscribe to any item or boxes
  • or just buy it once
  • +++ 


Our System will generate all required documents so you can easily prepare your order



The solution will generate all required documents

  • Orders per day and per producers
  • listing of all orders of the day
  • Methodology for your employees to prepare their orders
  • Listing for itinerary (deliveries)
  • And much more


  • Our system will organise your customers by neighborhood, so you regroup all deliveries from one specific quarter on a same delivery day.
  • You will be able to assign each delivery to an employee so you always know who did delivered what.
  • We do provide a tool to optimize your itinerary, calculating the shortest way.


Each reimbursement due to a logistic’s error can be assigned to : 

  • An employee
  • A producer

System provides with statistics so you can improve continually your service


Our system will allow you to define your budgets and to control them 

  • Budget for buying boxes content
  • Budget for replacement
  • Budget for your employees
  • Time needed for the logistics per day 

Ask now for a demonstration, we will be happy to show you how it is simple to administrate your business

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