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Distribution de produits régionaux et producteurs biologiques

Easy to use for your customers with powerful features for you and your employees.

Our software runs entirely online and is accessible from anywhere. Manage customers, orders, billing processes, generate labels, send emails, and all what is needed to develop and operate your business.

Vegetable boxes

  • Endless possibilities to create a number of boxes
  • Vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese or other
  • Option to subscribe by choosing the interval

The customer simply adds his basket at its next command. It has the possibility of changing the discovery box and his order until a time set by the administrator.

Distribution de produits régionaux et producteurs biologiques
  • Each box comes with a description
  • The customer can watch the current and past compositions
Distribution de produits régionaux et producteurs biologiques

Boxes composition modification

The administrator sends weekly selection for next week.

The customer can then change its composition

  • By adding new products
  • Removing products
  • By adapting the quantities

The system automatically adjusts the quantity of purchase and leaves for the preparation of order. Our logistics is thought to manage completely different commands to each other.

Modifier commande e-shop
E-shop régional et Bio

E-shop for local products

  • The customer can add products to its order
  • He defines delivery intervals : once, every week, every two weeks, etc …

A detailed description is used to increase sales

For each items, the administrator can have:

  • A description
  • Recipes
  • Ingredients
  • Tips how to keep
  • Information about the producer
  • The origin
  • The price per kg, etc …
Distribution de produits régionaux et producteurs biologiques
Producteur de la région

Selling a subscription is better than selling once

The system offers the customer to purchase subscriptions for:

  • his boxes
  • Its”A la carte” products

The customer can define different intervals for each product

Abonnement aux paniers de la région
Livraison à domicile

Home delivery management

  • Deliveries fees can be defined with respect to the decreasing amount of the order
  • They can change compared to neighborhood of residence
  • The administrator can offer discounts for a customer or a whole region
  • A contribution may be set to become a member and enjoy privileged conditions

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