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Our story

Our story began in Switzerland in 2007 when we wanted to find a solution for responsible consumption for our family and children.

We contacted the local producers and have delivered our first boxes. We have been preparing our first boxes in our garden and then delivering them with our personal family car


Soon, the concept is growing. DBase, Excel are no longer enough and we had to find solutions.

  • Reduce administrative work time
  • Improve our performance
  • Create processes to guide our team

Gradually we develop a solution for our specific needs. The sale ahead disrupts the logic of inventory management. No software were allowing to manage purchases based on already defined sales.

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In talking with counterparts, AMAP, association or company, we understand that the computer system that we built responds to the needs of individual players in this market

  • Purchasing management based on orders
  • Management of the preparation of orders and routes
  • Account management prepaid and debtors
  • Easy custom order management for each customer
  • Integration of products other than vegetables and increase of the average sales
  • If the actors in this market are many, we understand that our system allows to make this concept economically viable and sustainable as it is answering to customer’s needs.

In 2016, we decided to share our knowledge and our system so that direct selling can make a real boom in retail.

We want you to raise your sale and production.


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More than just IT

RegioMag offers:

  • An IT solution that grows with your business model
  • Consulting services
  • Marketing advice
  • Formations

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