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Home delivery management

Manage your business 100% online and make your customers happy.

Looking for a way to simplify management of your home delivery?

RegioMag can help you streamline operations, automate routine tasks that normally take hours, and provide a better customer experience.

With our streamlined registration process, it is easy for you to expand your business and get more clients.

An all in one solution

RegioMag provides an all-in-one solution for managing your customers, orders, inventory, invoicing, and more. Generate labels for your orders using our advanced tools to execute your logistics operations with lightning speed.

With our home delivery RegioMag management software, you can manage your business from anywhere at any time as long as you can access the Internet. Our software works 100% online so it’s there when you need it.

Abonnement aux paniers de la région

When you become a RegioMag’s customer, we will work with you to build a theme that looks like your current web- site or if you wish, we can help give a different look. All our themes are compatible for mobile and tablets, which means that your customers will have a lot of fun and easy to use, no matter how they access your business.

The simple registration process can convert more customers. In just a few steps, customers can choose what they want to be delivered, how often they want to receive a delivery, and provide all necessary information to make the deliveries. Billing can be manipulated 100% online, and is almost completely automated. To run your billing, you simply click a button and voila.

Our customers have reported a growth of up to 150% in just the first six months after moving to a delivery management software home RegioMag. 

If you start a new business or you are an existing business that needs help to manage growth and reduce costs, home delivery software can help you in many ways.

Small and medium modern enterprise now has access to the tools that were not available a few years ago, the cost was prohibitive.

Now, the right software can help make managing a home delivery company much easier by saving you time and eliminating countless headaches.

What can offer you a delivery management tool

The delivery software can help you automate many routine tasks in your day. Provide more flexibility to customers for less work and while following your purchases closely.

With this software you can concentrate your forces on the sales and other important tasks. You can thus, increasing your customers instantly. We will save you time and money by allowing you to deliver a superior product for less money.

The perfect software must manage all the functions of your business online, and must be available wherever you go.

Our software can help you reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a task. Many tasks have been automated and simplified with a single click.

Here at RegioMag, we found that customers place a manual process for labor to our billing system with one click have reduced weekly billing cycle of 15 hours in just 3 minutes!

Imagine what you could do if your home delivery software could give you a whole day.

If you are thinking about starting a new home delivery business or you are an existing business that needs help tame your growth and operations, contact us today to learn more about how RegioMag can help.

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