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Our pricing policy

RegioMag provides software as a service with home delivery businesses. The fee for using the software RegioMag represent 3% of your turnover. For example, if your company delivers 100 people a week to an average of € 50 order and there are four weeks in a month, the fee for using the software RegioMag for that month would be 600 € for a turnover case of € 20,000.

Order cancellations are not billed, refunds are not considered.


You will receive a monthly bill.


Payments can be made by credit card (3% fee on the amount of the invoice) or by bank transfer.

All invoices are payable within 5 working days of receipt. A charge of € 50 service is payable on all outstanding balances for each invoice reprint to 14, 21, and 31 days from the date of original invoice. Invoices will be generated for the month before the beginning of each month.

RegioMag reserves the right to terminate any relationship, service, or a contract if an unpaid invoice is more than 31 days late. In this case, the customer will receive a spreadsheet containing a list of customers, and each customer order information.


The customer assumes all responsibility for expenses due to unpaid fees and legal fees generated by default. Payment default costs are not limited to fees for collection and legal fees.


RegioMag customers can cancel their agreement with RegioMag by providing 30 days written notice requesting termination of service provided. RegioMag provide export from the database of customer information telling commands. RegioMag reserves the right to cancel any agreement or contract with a written notice of 180 days.

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