Manage your business online

Distribution de produits régionaux et producteurs biologiques

Easy to use for your customers with powerful features for you and your employees.

Our software runs entirely online and is accessible from anywhere.

Manage your customers, orders, billing processes, generate labels, send emails, and all what is needed to develop and operate your business.

Complete customer's management interface

Customers can connect and fully manage their account and their orders easily.

Creating less work for you and your employees.

Clients have complete control over their vacations, their preferences, their payments online, etc ….

  • Customers can order by choosing as on a normal e-shop
  • Customers may purchase a subscription to baskets (fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, etc. ..)
  • Customers can modify their orders (boxes composition)
  • System manages pre and post payment from your members


System manages

  • Easy order preparation
  • Purchase prices, billing and payment follow up
  • Emails, refunds, error tracking
  • +++


You will find within the RegioMag solution all the tools you crave.

More than IT vendors, we vibrate for the same reason that you and wish your success by creating specific tools to the need for local distribution.

We are in the business since 2007.

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